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We are a marketplace, but for real estate assets. Basically, we choose the best investment options and simplify the process so that you can make a responsible investment. We accompany you along the way, from the management of the mortgage loan to the follow-up of the stages in which your asset is (pre development, construction, in operation).

Financial capacity; knowing how much money you make per month and how much you can allocate to an investment. Financial institutions will not give you a mortgage loan that represents more than 25% of your income, simply because they want you to be able to pay them back. So, if you earn $1.000.000, your debt should not exceed $250.000 per month. You can always supplement your income with your spouse or a close relative. At Capitalizarme.com we do what probably no one else has time to do; organize the real estate market in such a way that you have access to the most profitable projects with the highest profitability and capital gain. In other words, we simplify everything so that you can worry about what's important to you.

No, at least not to our clients. All the commission we receive comes from the real estate companies, and they are willing to do so because they save all the costs of marketing and sales teams thanks to our alliance.

If your mortgage credit loan gets rejected, close to the deed signature date (around 90 days before), the first thing we do is talk with the real estate company. There are always alternatives, but everything is negotiated with them. The first thing that we have to know is why the mortgage credit loan was rejected. Knowing this, we negotiate exit options: In some cases it is allowed to concede the deal to a third party, or in other cases the investor might supplement his or her rent with a close relative, or even in some cases he or she can dispose of it altogether under certain circumstances of force majeur. If all of the above fails, in the worst case scenario, there is a disposal fine, stipulated in the original contract. Most real estate developers charge between 10%-20% of the asset’s full price. Most commonly, this fine is charged totally or partially by not giving back the down payment, rather than charging a new outlay.

Every investment has a risk because no one can predict the future. You should know, nonetheless, that real estate investments are among the safest forms of investment. There are several reasons for this. The first one has to do with the stability and predictability of the returns. Market fluctuations are never as drastic as the ones that other forms of investment have. Second, real estate assets are valued in UF, which means inflation doesn’t undermine their value over time, and third, because real estate is a scarce and tangible asset. The floor is limited and everyone has to live in it. Now, everyone has different perceptions of risk. If you like it, you might want to invest aggressively in several departments at once. The important part is knowing that when you buy property, you’re not spending money, you’re investing in a tangible asset that people need for their lives.